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Fundamentals of Sound and Vibration

Course overview: This course will be offered over two days, for three hours per day
  • September 14 – September 15; 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET

This course provides an introduction to the physical aspects of sound and vibration phenomena, parameters used to describe them, and basic test and measurement techniques. The course will cover the correct selection and application of transducers and instrumentation. Analysis techniques including time domain as well as FFT and octave based spectrum analysis, the importance of calibration and the relationship between sound and vibration will be discussed. Basic test and measurement techniques will be described and demonstrated to show how sound and vibration theory is applied to real world measurements

The course is directed toward engineers, technicians and managers who want to gain a better understanding of sound and vibration basics and start engineering it into their products. 

This course provides the necessary background to take advantage of the following two day virtual course, Practical Approach to Sound and Vibration Troubleshooting.

Course details
Start time
14 Sep 2020 12:00
Registration deadline
13 Sep 2020
2 days at 3 hours per day
Training course

Thomas Kaytt
Robert Trépanier