The Introduction to shaker based vibration testing is a two day course that provides a practical introduction to the subject of vibration testing.

This course explains how to interpret vibration test specifications and apply them to a vibration test system. Designed around the needs of engineers new to the subject of vibration testing and yet offering a useful refresher course for the more experienced user. Subjects covered are sinusoidal vibration, random vibration, mixed-mode testing and shock/bump testing together with a background to the equipment required and methods of control. It explains how to evaluate a product and your fixture along with slip tables and Head expander requirements. The course emphasizes the practical aspects of vibration testing - the realities, the problems encountered and the common mistakes which can be made. This course removes the mystique of vibration testing and replaces it with facts and common sense. Each delegate will receive a full set of modules as future reference material as well as a USB stick with the presentations and other useful information. The aim is to provide confidence to the new user and verification to the more experienced engineer.


>  Basic principles of vibration testing using shakers

>  Explore fixturing/head expanders and the role it plays in the testing strategy

>  How to configure a shaker profile for successful testing

>  Show the working principles of an electrodynamic shaker

>  Basic maintenance and service of a shaker system

Prerequisites – Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration and/or basic knowledge of physics or an engineering qualification. Experience with data acquisition and measurement techniques

Participants – Those interested in a vibration test strategy, those who recently acquired shakers or are purchasing a shaker. Those tasked to work with shakers on a regular basis.

Course details
Orlando, FL
Start time
16 Oct 2019 8:30
Registration deadline
11 Oct 2019
2 Days
Training course

Trevor Harrison