Linking CAE and Test for NVH Design, Simulation and Troubleshooting

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Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are facing many new NVH challenges, including new NVH phenomena introduced by new powertrain technology, light-weighting initiatives and compressed development time. At the same time, all of the traditional NVH phenomena are present and must be controlled and managed both inside the vehicle and for exterior vehicle noise, but often with a different emphasis in the case of hybrid, electric and alternative powertrain vehicles. In this course, NVH challenges will be addressed from basics of NVH design, utilizing simulation to speed development time, best practices for NVH design and development, as well as fundamentals of troubleshooting utilizing a combination of test measurement techniques and CAE solutions. Learn how to control the sound and vibration characteristics of the vehicle, achieve the right sound, and avoid common NVH pitfalls, while accelerating time to market utilizing and experiencing virtual NVH prototypes. 


This class is taught by veteran NVH simulation experts from Altair Engineering, together with automotive NVH experts from Brüel & Kjær.






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Chicago, IL
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17 May 2018 9:00
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Altair Engineering
Bruel & Kjaer