Powertrain NVH Testing

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The ability to make the right decision in powertrain testing is critical to success. The goal of this course is to show solutions that can aid in that decision making process. From the transducer through the data acquisition to the post processing software and ultimately the report. These solutions translates into more efficient ways to reduce your overall product development cycle time and find efficient ways to resolve issues. With Brüel & Kjær as a partner in your product development, any challenge can be met.


This full day course will cover transducer selection, mounting, data acquisition as well as an overview of available Bruel & Kjaer solutions that are used in typical powertrain testing.  Real world examples will be discussed.  There will be a focus on Reflex data postprocessing for order tracking, tachometer signal repair, speed profile creation, angle domain and torsional vibration analysis.  Although not required, it is encouraged to bring a laptop with the latest version of Reflex installed.  This allows the attendee to experiment with the software on their own.  

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Plymouth, MI
Start time
11 Sep 2018 9:00
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28 Aug 2017
1 day
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Scott Hunt