Practical Approach to Sound & Vibration Problem Solving

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This course is meant to provide a strategy and understanding of the tools involved to solve a product sound and/or vibration concern.  (With hands-on instruction and several case-studies, this course walks through the standard troubleshooting process that an experienced S&V Engineer would go through to address a sound or vibration concern.)  The importance and options of making an objective measurement that represents the product concern is reviewed along with some key aspects to making a repeatable test.  Once the concern is understood, identification of the sound or vibration source is reviewed in detail along with an introduction to the latest measurement techniques.  The course then focuses on strategies to identify the path of the noise from the source to the response location in order to make decisions on how to improve the product performance.  The course concludes with a discussion on appropriate S&V design improvements and countermeasures based on the results from the troubleshooting investigation and the product design envelope.

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Chicago, IL
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17 May 2018 9:00
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03 May 2018
1 day
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