Sound Quality & Jury Techniques

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The Sound Quality of a product is important when assessing its total quality. For products ranging from cars to hand tools to golf clubs, not only the level but also the quality of the sound it makes is part of the customer experience. Many factors come into play in the sound quality evaluation process and need to be considered both subjectively and objectively. Traditional objective measuring and analysis methods, such as A-weighted sound pressure and FFT analysis, are not enough to analyze product sound.  Customer expectations and evaluations are important factors for determining Sound Quality because, in the end, only humans can tell the designer whether the product has the right sound.


  • Understanding human sound perception
  • Understanding basic techniques to determine the Sound Quality of products
  • Getting insight into various evaluation techniques such as Jury Analysis to assess the Sound Quality of products

Poor Sound Quality can lead to higher warranty costs and poor sales.  The optimal sound can lead to increased sales and brand imaging.  Attend this course to learn the basics of Sound Quality and how to improve the perceived sound of your products.

Engineers and Technicians new to the measurement and evaluation of sound quality.  You need a basic understanding of acoustic terminology.

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Chicago, IL
Start time
16 May 2018 9:00
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02 May 2018
1 day
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