Vibration Monitoring Terminal - 2017 Tour


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Brüel & Kjær engineers will touring the country to provide consultants, engineers, municipalities, regulators and industry professionals the opportunity to learn about and experience the vibration monitoring terminal first hand.

Brüel & Kjær is thrilled to announce the Type 3680 Vibration Monitoring Terminal (VMT), for reliable and robust tri-axial vibration measurements. The VMT provides real-time ground vibration data that enables users to prevent harm to buildings, ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly and assess human response to vibration. The innovative system provides reliable ground vibration measurement in real time, which can be accessed remotely anywhere throughout the world. The rugged, self-contained unit includes integrated wireless communication (Cellular, Wireless), back-up battery, environmental protection (IP 67 Rated), automated system health monitoring and a large solid state hard drive (250 GB) for local storage. The VMT is designed to offer a low operating cost and can be installed and supported with local non-specialist staff. It will automatically send alerts for impending vibration limit breeches and delivers regulatory compliance reports automatically.

The VMT will operate with the award winning Sentinel monitoring system for comprehensive, state-of-the-art real-time compliance monitoring of noise, weather, vibration, dust and air quality. The vibration monitor can also operate as a stand-alone instrument with a free smartphone app enabling setup, remote display and operation from anywhere, and data transfer to standard post-processing applications.

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