Construcción - Proyecto Crossrail

The Crossrail Project, London – C501 Moorgate Shaft

Project C501 Moorgate Shaft is part of a Crossrail project to create a new rail link across London. Our web-based Noise Sentinel system helped monitor construction noise and limit its impact.

Kier BAM Nuttall

Project C501 Moorgate Shaft is part of the Crossrail infrastructure project that will create a new rail link across London, UK, from west to east. Over 42 km of underground tunnels will link London’s main business centres in a project that is expected to be fully operational in 2019. Brüel & Kjær worked closely with the project team to implement Noise Sentinel, a robust and effective system for managing the noise impact of construction.


The construction site is one of the most constrained on the Crossrail scheme. Operating conditions, established with the City of London, are complex in order to both limit noise impact and provide periods of respite to the different stakeholders throughout the working day. Permitted noise levels vary up to 12 times throughout the day. The main project contractor, BAM Nuttall Kier Joint Venture, needed to be sure that the priorities and expectations of stakeholders were met while enabling the project team to make progress with construction and fulfil obligations to the local authority and the project owner, Crossrail.


Noise Sentinel is a web-based noise management service that continuously assesses noise levels and alerts designated people via SMS and email, enabling them to take immediate action should levels exceed defined limits. The system comprised three real-time noise monitoring terminals stationed at key locations around the site that were constantly recording data. A fourth terminal was located at the centre of the site to help determine if noise exceedances were the result of construction activity.


Noise Sentinel has increased construction performance and cost efficiency. The construction team can get more done because they know what their real noise impact is; they don’t have to be conservative for fear of breaching limits. The team can work to the noise limits safe in the knowledge that should they approach them, they will be alerted and can change activities before a breach occurs.