Norwegian Defensa

Noise mapping of military vehicles for the Norwegian military

How the Norwegian military learned to use their exercise areas to the full while maintaining good relationships with their civilian neighbours.

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Driving a 60 tonne Leopard 2 battle tank in an exercise area and knowing its exact location and the amount of noise it generates is challenging. That’s why the Norwegian military launched a comprehensive noise-measurement project for military equipment.


The aim of the project was to ensure that the military can continue to use its exercise areas to their maximum and still maintain a good, long-lasting relationship with their civilian neighbours by complying with the country’s strict environmental legislation.


An acquisition station was established in the field, connected to PULSE acquisition hardware. A second acquisition unit was placed inside the Leopard tank to measure throttle position and GPS location. They were both connected via wireless LAN to create a detailed noise map.


The data and results from the measurements ensure that, during future exercises, tanks stay within areas where the sound and vibration they create remains within acceptable levels for the surrounding community.