Wi-Fi USB Dongle for Wireless Sound Level Meter Connectivity

USB Dongle to add Wi-Fi / wireless connectivity to and from your B&K sound level meter enabling easy communication and data transfer.

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Opening up your sound level meter to the world of wireless communication is simple with our Wi-Fi dongle. It plugs directly into your sound level meter's USB port to add connectivity to your G4 Type 2250-Light, 2250 or 2270.

Adding Wi-Fi to your device enables you to quickly and easily upload your sound level meter data to the Measurement Partner Cloud for post-processing activities in Measurement Partner Suite.


  • USB dongle to add Wi-Fi to a G4 Type 2250-Light, 2250 or 2270
  • Supports 802.11 B/G/N wireless
  • Provides a Wi-Fi connection for the instrument to connect to the Internet through a smartphone, hot-spot or an office wireless network