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Open API LAN-XI: Open Ecosystem for Your Measurement Needs

The Open API protocol makes it possible to use LAN-XI hardware in conjunction with third-party programs and applications to customize control and access real time data on LAN-XI modules. Rely on our reliable and proven systems and get the most out of LAN-XI Open API.

For many years, we have been providing measurement solutions for the entire measurement chain, helping engineers work with increasingly complex measurement requirements and regulations: from precision transducers, through class-leading data acquisition hardware, to operator-friendly software. 


Transducers for Sound and Vibration

AccelerometersOur range includes acoustic and vibration transducers, head and torso simulators, as well as signal conditioners. Each transducer is subject to meticulous testing and quality control, ensuring that you get industry-leading accuracy, performance, and stability across any application.


LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware

LAN-XI frontendsOur modular analyzer platform provides you with a flexible front end for 1000+ channels and portable systems alike. LAN-XI is designed to deliver unrivalled dynamic input range for capturing sound and vibration data in a wide range of demanding measurement applications.


Analysis Software

Tescia iconBeyond the extensive range of data acquisition, data management, and data analysis software (BK Connect® or Tescia®), we offer a wide range of targeted applications for acoustic analysis, structural dynamics measurements and NVH simulations. 


The Open Ecosystem: LAN-XI Open API

Often the standard software, such as BK Connect or Tescia, covers a large part of the measurement requirements, but there are also testing needs that cannot be performed with the current standard. In this case, the only options are to either program your own software or rely on third-party software. An open ecosystem of data acquisition systems is crucial.

With LAN-XI data acquisition system’s Open API interface, you can rely on a precise and market-established system that allows you to subsequently analyze the data with standard software or by connecting any software with a programmed interface. Benefit from:  

  • Simple operation with freely available sample codes
  • Flexible measurement system, compatible with any language/operating system, such as MATLAB®, Python™, Java™, LabVIEW, Windows®, Linux, Unix or Mac
  • Obsolescence-proof, simply write your own software for your measurement needs
  • Get access to the high-end features of the well-known LAN-XI DAQ system, such as distributed systems, single-cable operation, stand-alone recording, signal generators, and DynX

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Lan-Xi programmers guideDOWNLOAD

LAN-XI Open API Interface

The LAN-XI Open API interface is a wire protocol based on REST and JSON – two technologies know from the web – that allow HTTP commands to control settings in the module and stream data between LAN-XI hardware and your third-party programs and applications. A user guide with a description of all commands is included and samples are available at GitHub® (mostly in C#).

Controlling a single LAN-XI module is relatively simple and should be your starting point. The Open API, however, also supports multiple sample-synchronous LAN-XI modules – in frames and/or distributed via Ethernet. It is possible to connect modules to a wireless router and then control them from a phone or similar, but we do recommend that you start with a wired solution, which is easier to debug.

Lacking the resources to program the interface yourself? Let the experienced software developers and engineers of our HBK Engineering Service Team help you.


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