Electroacoustic Measurements on Personal Communication Devices

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This seminar teaches the fundamentals of electroacoustic measurement and how to apply them to the measurement of telephones, mobile phones, and other devices with telephone functions.

What you will learn

Specialised principles, techniques and vocabulary used in measuring the electroacoustic transmission of analogue, digital, cellular, and other telephones are covered. Methods specified in the ITU-T (formerly CCITT), ETSI, IEEE, TIA standards are explained.

You will be supplied with practical suggestions for the selection, calibration, and use of microphones, ear simulators, mouth simulators, and fixtures for testing handset, headset, and hands-free (loudspeaking) telephones.

The course also includes perceptually based analysis methods, an overview of acoustic modelling, how to interpret microphone and receiver data sheets, and practical tips for telephone designers.

Many measurements will be demonstrated, and actual measurement results will be presented. Understanding the principles and interpretation of measurements will be emphasised.


The objective is to teach the fundamentals of electroacoustic measurements and how to apply them to the measurement of telephones, mobile phones and other devices with telephone functions.


This course is especially designed for engineers, technical managers and engineering technicians working in design, R&D, QC or production line testing, within the telecommunication industry.

Please see Introduction to Electroacoustic Measurements on Personal Communication Devices for a 1 day introduction course.

Course details
Start time
15 Sep 2021 9:00
Registration deadline
10 Sep 2021
3 Days

Lars Birger Nielsen