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The HBK Academy Digital Learning Package

In times of changing working conditions, the experts of the HBK Academy would like to give you the opportunity to refresh your measurement technology know-how. 

We are currently continuously developing new webinars for you with the most popular topics and assistance from our seminars - supported by exciting expert discussions and helpful videos. 

At the moment we are still putting together the complete package - register now if you would like us to inform you about the first dates and topics. 

Participation is free of charge and always available on the Internet. 

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Topics under preparation (excerpt) - stay tuned!

  • 3 part series on NVH of electrification
  • An introduction into vibration testing
  • Comparison of load cells based on strain gauge technology and on EM compensation load cells
  • How to set up a shaker test
  • Hygienic weighing & hygienic designs in food machinery
  • Power Analyzers for eDrive Systems: Automated Efficiency Mapping
  • Strain Measurement - Error prevention by correct grounding of the measuring amplifier and the component
  • Structural Durability Testing
  • Troubleshooting - for different areas  (load cells, torque transducers, etc.)
  • Using TEDS in force measurement applications
  • Why calibration is important 

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