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PULSE Reflex software for LabShop users

PULSE LabShop users have free access to equivalent features in PULSE Reflex Core, our next generation real-time measurement, recording and post-processing software, allowing you to do real-time analysis and post-processing with only one license. You can even liberate the PULSE Reflex Core functionality from the PC running LabShop and run it on a different PC, which in effect gives you an independent, real-time system AND a post-processing and reporting system.

> Like-for-Like

> Liberate your LabShop License to PULSE Reflex Core

Free access to LabShop-equivalent functionality in PULSE Reflex Core – Like-for-Like

Free access to LabShop-equivalent functionality in PULSE Reflex Core – Like-for-Like

With a PULSE LabShop license, you get access a range of PULSE Reflex capabilities. We call this Like-for-Like because, wherever possible, the corresponding PULSE Reflex Core functionality is included with your PULSE LabShop software Types 7700, 7770, 7771 or 7702.

In simple terms, if you can perform an FFT calculation in LabShop, you can perform a similar calculation in PULSE Reflex. The Reflex software is already available in your software package. All you need to do is to install it.

PULSE Reflex Core Like-for-Like functionality included with PULSE LabShop software

The following LabShop software will give you access to Reflex Core Software features:

  • PULSE FFT & CPB Analysis Type 7700
  • PULSE FFT Analysis Type 7770
  • PULSE CPB Analysis Type 7771
  • PULSE Order Analysis Type 7702
  • PULSE Sound Quality Type 7698
  • PULSE Modal Test Consultant Type 7753

Depending on your LabShop license, you get access to the following Reflex features:

PULSE Reflex Basic Processing Type 8702 (with LabShop Type 7700, 7770 or 7771):

  • Time viewing, listening and editing
  • Graphical setup of analysis with integrated batch processing
  • Re-sampling of time data
  • FFT analysis, exponential, linear, maximum hold averaged, or vs. time
  • Frequency band level extraction
  • Single-reference FRF analysis, including coherence
  • Processing of streamed auxiliary data (temperature, oil pressure, wind speed, etc.)
  • Overall analysis
  • Fast, template-based reporting to Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® PowerPoint® with the option of automatic report creation after analysis
  • Function calculator

PULSE Reflex Order Analysis Type 8704 (with LabShop Type 7702 AND either LabShop Type 7700, 7770 or 7771):

  • Fixed-frequency bandwidth order analysis
  • Order analysis based on frequency domain spectra

PULSE Reflex Advanced Order Analysis Type 8705 (with LabShop Type 7702 2+channels AND either LabShop Type 7700, 7770 or 7771):

  • Tracked re-sampling FFT analysis
  • Order analysis based on order domain spectra

PULSE Reflex Standardized CPB Type 8706 (with LabShop Type 7700 or 7771):

  • CPB 1/n-octave analysis to IEC, DIN and ANSI standards
  • 1/n-octave spectrum, linear or exponential averaging
  • Overall weighted or unweighted level (A-, B-, C-, or D-weighting)
  • 1/n-octave level vs. time (via frequency band extraction)
  • 1/n-octave spectrum vs. time
  • 1/n-octave spectrum vs. RPM (in conjunction with Type 8704 or Type 7702)

PULSE Reflex Sound Quality Metrics Type 8710 (with LabShop Type 7698 AND either LabShop Type 7700, 7770 or 7771, or with Type 8702):

  • Calculation of sound quality metrics:
    • Articulation index (AI) – Beranek
    • Stationary loudness and loudness percentiles – ISO 532B Time-varying loudness – DIN 45631 and Zwicker (1989), DIN 45631/A1 (2010)
    • Loudness level – ISO 532B
    • Binaural loudness – Robinson and Whittle (1960), Moore-Glasberg model and mean loudness between ears
    • Sharpness – Aures, DIN 45692 (2009), Zwicker, Bismarck
    • Fluctuation strength – Zwicker et al.
    • Roughness – Zwicker et al.
    • Tone-to-noise ratio – ANSI S1.13 (1995)
    • Prominence ratio – ANSI S1.13 (1995)
    • Tonality – Terhardt
  • Output of loudness spectra
  • Metrics as an overall value, or time varying
  • Metrics vs. RPM via Z axis tagging
  • Loudness percentiles with user selectable percent values

PULSE Reflex Spectral Analysis Type 8729-A, Structural Measurement Type 8729-B and Reflex Geometry Type 8719 (with LabShop Type 7700 or 7770 and 7753):

  • Standard FFT Data Acquisition and Recording
  • Geometry-guided modal data acquisition and validation including impact hammer FRF measurement and single or multiple shaker FRF measurement
  • Live data monitoring showing level and spectra for all channels once the system is activated
  • Interactive graphical representation of the front-end hardware using the Hardware Matrix
  • Powerful Test Geometry creation tools

Liberate your LabShop license to PULSE Reflex Core

Liberate your LabShop license to PULSE Reflex Core

When using PULSE Reflex functionality available in the Like-for-Like-programme, you run both LabShop real-time analysis and the Reflex post-processing functionality on the same computer.

To help you use your PULSE LabShop data acquisition system more efficiently, we offer you the option of processing your time data recordings, and viewing and reporting results on a different computer by liberating your PULSE Reflex functionality from your PULSE LabShop system. Liberating allows re-hosting of the full PULSE Reflex functionality to another PC/Host ID.

You can only liberate the PULSE Reflex Like-for-Like functionality once. However, after the Reflex licenses are liberated, the original Like-for-Like functionality is still included with the LabShop licenses, so in a sense you really end up with two Reflex capable systems.

Extra functionality

Liberating your PULSE Reflex Like-for-Like functionality from your PULSE LabShop system gives you access to additional functionality available in the standard Reflex licenses.

PULSE Reflex Base Type 8700-L – Liberation from LabShop Type 7700, 7770, 7771 or 7698

  • Relational database based on Microsoft® SQL Server®
    • Managing test projects and all their associated sound and vibration data
    • Easy creation of user-defined metadata fields used throughout the system for data searches, display annotation and reporting
  • Data import/export
    • Support of a wide range of file formats for import from, and export to, native and third party systems
    • PULSE LabShop and PULSE Data Manager

PULSE Reflex Basic Processing Type 8702-L – including 8701 – Liberation from LabShop Type 7700, 7770, 7771

  • Process Automation:
    • Automatically import of time data
    • Automatically link data to process chain for processing
    • Automatically start analysis of data in process chain
    • Automatically report generation
  • Access to the powerful display and reporting capabilities of the Data Viewer task (part of Type 8701):
    • Result Matrix provides a structured overview of results from a large number of tests, making selection and comparison very easy. Each individual cell in the matrix represents a group of similar results for which comparison is valid. Selecting a cell presents the results, either in a table view for scalars, or graphical display for function data
  • Function Data Processing
  • Process Chain elements:
    • Human vibration filters
    • Playback
    • Collect

PULSE Reflex Advanced Processing Type 8703 – option for 8702-L

  • Time Edit features:
    • Spectrogram
    • Interactive filters
  • Process Chain features:
    • Batch Statistics
    • Function Statistics, Function Operators and Function Smoother
    • Scaling, Frequency Weighting, Complex Math, Statistics

PULSE Reflex Order Analysis Type 8704-L – Liberation from LabShop Type 7702

  • Time Edit features:
    • Graphical order extraction tool
    • Graphical auto tracker – RPM profile and tachometer synthesis from response signals
    • Tachometer dropout/spurious pulse correction
    • Tachometer smoothing
    • Tachometer pulse train synthesis from RPM profile
    • Automated region creation from a given RPM range
    • Automated region creation from constant RPM (with tolerance band)

The following software has no new functionality beyond what is included in the Like-for-Like:

  • PULSE Reflex Advanced Order Analysis Type 8705-L – Liberation from LabShop Type 7702 2+channels
  • PULSE Reflex Standardized CPB Option Type 8706-L – Liberation from LabShop Type 7700 or 7771
  • PULSE Reflex Sound Quality Metrics Type 8710-L – Liberation from 7698

For more information and any quote enquiry, please contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative.


  • There is additional functionality in Reflex that is not accessible with your LabShop license
  • Currently, not all Reflex functionality available in Like-for-Like is available for liberation. Some capabilities such as the Reflex Standard and Structural Measurements can only be used with your existing LabShop licenses

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