TYPE 8770

PULSE Reflex telephone test software

For general testing of the speech performance of communication devices, by making measurements that meet a range of standards

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This PULSE Reflex software is part of a comprehensive system for testing the voice transmission and reception performance of telephones. It usually works together with a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS), or ear and mouth simulators. The mobile phone is operated through a network simulator, which simulates the network. Real or artificial speech is used as input to test the phone’s output, which ensures the full signal paths are measured for both receiving and transmitting functions. This gives realistic measurements of the phone’s speech and acoustical performance that include the speech processing codec.


  • Verification of acoustic designs during R&D in the research lab
  • Evaluation and refinement of speech processing for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) terminals, such as echo cancellers, voice activity detection and multiband compression
  • Objective and subjective evaluation of phone components such as noise suppressors, active noise cancellation algorithms for smartphones
  • Quality assurance and sample testing of mobile phones, tablets and wearables from the production line, ensuring they meet standards such as ETSI, ITU-T, 3GPP, YDT, CMCC, and CES


The software includes pre-programmed tests for all common standards, which can run as a complete sequence with minimum operator interaction. This allows measurements to be made consistently. You are presented with a hierarchical tree that shows all the tests included in the session. By selecting the root of the tree, all tests are performed consecutively. It is also possible to select individual branches of the tree to do a limited range of tests, for example only sending characteristics.


For each standard, the application software includes the appropriate test parameters when testing handsets, headsets and hands-free equipment:

  • ITU-T P.862 PESQ
  • ITU-T P.863 POLQA
  • 3GPP2 C.S5600-0 and C.S5600-A
  • 3GPP TS.26.132 
  • YDT-1538 
  • CMCC 
  • CES-Q003-2


  • Measures the complete receive and transmit signal paths, giving realistic measurements of the phone’s complete speech performance, such as testing active noise cancellation and speech processing
  • Automated calibration procedure verifies the ear simulator, the mouth simulator and the electrical signal paths, allowing any deviation to be digitally compensated for during measurement
  • Instant and clear result display for pass/fail judgements 
  • Automatic report generation and cut-and-paste facility 
  • Extensive on-line help is available to provide guidance if a question arises during test execution
  • Advanced users can develop their own tests and measurements to determine audio parameters