TYPE 7753

PULSE Modal Test Consultant

Our legacy software for real-time measurements, primarily for operational modal analysis (OMA) measurements and also for classical modal analysis.

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This PULSE LabShop software controls modal measurements, helping you to efficiently set up, acquire and validate data for subsequent post-processing analysis in another program.

This software is primarily for use with our PULSE Operational Modal Analysis Type 8761 software, however it can also be used with your chosen post-processing package, such as PULSE Reflex™ Modal Analysis or PULSE Reflex Correlation Analysis.

For classical modal analysis with hammer and shaker modal measurements, we recommend using our cutting-edge PULSE Reflex Structural Measurements software.


  • Testing civil engineering structures that are loaded by uncontrollable and unmeasurable ambient forces, such as waves on offshore structures, wind load on buildings, and traffic load effects on bridges
  • Capturing real-life modal performance of mechanical structures such as aircraft during flight, full vehicle on test tracks and operating machinery during actual operating conditions
  • Testing of large mechanical structures difficult to excite artificially, such as ships and submarines
  • Estimation of modal parameters to be used for finite element (FE) model correlation and model updating, or for design verification, benchmarking, troubleshooting and quality control 
  • Structural health monitoring of aircraft and civil engineering structures such as operational wind turbine blades


PULSE Modal Test Consultant uses a geometry‐guided measurement set-up that links the measurement directly to an on-screen graphical representation of the test object. Each DOF is attached to this test geometry, where each associated channel has an on‐screen indication of level, including potential overloads. As the test object may be some distance from the PC, audible status notifications help indicate any errors during set-up and measurement. After measurements, but before modal parameter extraction, you can animate the results for test set-up validation and preliminary mode shape investigations.


  • Real‐time analysis or post‐processing based on recorded time histories
  • Short‐time Fourier transform for validation of operational modal analysis (OMA) measurement data before post-processing analysis 
  • Automated measurement sequence generation
  • OMA time data recordings without predefined geometry
  • Supports tacho probes to measure rotational speed of the test object
  • Autotracking for fundamental frequency extraction directly from measurement signal
  • Single, overlaid, difference and side‐by‐side time operating deflection shape (ODS) animation
  • AVI file generation for reporting


Customers who purchase this software also get our newer PULSE Reflex Structural Measurements software.


  • For OMA analysis, you need PULSE Operational Modal Analysis Type 8761
  • You can perform shaker multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) analysis with PULSE MIMO Analysis Type 7764
  • You can easily store and retrieve geometry and FRF shapes with PULSE Data Manager Type 7767
  • You can perform time operating deflection shapes (time ODS) animation during OMA testing with Animation Option BZ‐5613