Type 7813

Environmental noise, odour and air quality analysis software – Predictor Analyst

Software for organizing, accumulating, viewing, analyzing and publishing noise maps and other environmental parameters.

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Predictor Analyst calculates population noise exposure, and analyzes other environmental aspects such as odour and air quality. The software enables users to perform spatial analysis and create noise maps for web publishing without learning or buying a GIS (Geographic Information System).

Use scenarios

  • Drawing and analyzing noise maps
  • Analyzing environmental aspects including odour and air quality
  • Publishing noise maps on the Internet
  • Viewing GIS maps while staying in control of interpolation and accumulation
  • Supporting European Noise Directive (END) 2002/49/EC Strategic Noise Maps and Action Plans

Predictor Analyst is simple to use and features advanced GIS-like functionality. Results in x, y, z format can be read from other prediction software packages, such as Brüel & Kjær’s Predictor-LimA Type 7810. The results are structured per period (day, evening, night) and per type of noise (industry, urban road traffic, suburban road traffic, railroad traffic, shipping and aviation).

Based on a fast triangulation algorithm, colour-filled contours can be shown per individual type of noise or accumulated. This way, the combined result of several noise types can be shown. Predictor Analyst also can analyze the number of exposed people and dwellings, as well as determine the area exposed to noise.


  • Noise map creation and analysis
  • Accumulation and difference maps
  • Interpolation and accumulation of noise data
  • Import results from any calculation software like Predictor, LimA, STACKS, ArcGIS and MapInfo
  • Powerful presentation and analysis tool
  • Interpolation of contours and counting the number of noise exposure (people/dwellings)
  • Export option to HTML for publication noise maps on the Internet