BZ-5503 Measurement Partner Suite, MP Cloud and MP Field App

Post-processing software for sound level and vibration meters

Efficiently complete sound level and vibration measurement post-processing activities on your PC. Simplify your measurement tasks with the Measurement Partner Field App. Store and share data using Measurement Partner Cloud.

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Measurement Partner Suite (MPS) is Brüel & Kjær’s state-of-the-art data viewing and post-processing toolbox for environmental noise and vibration professionals. It comes with all Type 2270, 2250 and 2250-L instruments.

The standard configuration is free and provides field support with the Measurement Partner (MP) Field App for iOS and Android, and MP Cloud.


  • Data archive, preview and export
  • Post-process and export to other formats
  • Online data display and remote access and operation
  • Sound level meter software maintenance
  • Support of ISO 1996-2:2007 uncertainty calculation
  • Turnkey support of British, French and German environmental legislation


  • Detailed data view
  • Import, archive, display and export data
  • Overview of archives and users
  • In-field annotation of measurement data (using the MP Field App, see below)
  • Merging of annotations and instrument data
  • Cloud storage, access and sharing (using MP Cloud, see below)
  • Resumable downloads (Types 2270 and 2250 software version 4)
  • View GPS coordinates in Google Maps™
  • Advanced support of .WAV files


For additional functionality, purchase a subscription to MPS’s add-on modules:

  • Logging
    Used in conjunction with Logging software BZ-7225, this module enables full functionality when working with all kinds of markers including data from weather stations. In addition, you can see tone and impulse occurrences marked in your profile.
  • Spectrum
    Based on FFT or CPB spectra, this module enables you to apply post-weighting, convert 1/3- to 1/1-octave or perform standardised tone analysis on your data. You can convert an FFT spectrum to a CPB with one click.
  • .WAV File Analysis
    With Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 on your sound level meter, this module performs a tone assessment on the .WAV file itself. When used with the Logging Module, you can select which portion of the WAV file the analysis is based on.


The MP Field App  transforms the way you work with your hand-held analyzer. It is an advanced companion smart phone app for Types 2250, 2270, and 2250-L, offering:

  • Remote analyzer control
  • Remote display
  • Remote annotation of measurement data
  • Cloud support

Download the field app for iOS and Android

Download on the AppStore Download from GooglePlay


Your sound level meter data can now be stored securely in the MP Cloud and accessed from anywhere at any time. You can share files instantly with only an Internet connection, a cloud account and a copy of the Workbench.The cloud works seamlessly with the MP Field App and MPS.

Three subscription levels are available:

  Storage Limit Price per month
Entry  2 GByte free
Basic 100 GByte € 10
Professional 1 TByte € 65

A basic account will store approximately 400 measurement files, depending on measurement duration. 

To start using MP Cloud immediately, download the latest version of the MPS and sign up for a MP Cloud account. Registration is free and takes only 2 minutes. You can register here.

You start using the MP Cloud at the free, basic level. We will tell you what to do when you need to upgrade, or alternatively you can contact your local sales office.

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