Building Acoustics Application − B&K Type 2250 and 2270

Measure airborne, façade and impact sound insulation with this sound level meter application.

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For use on sound level meters Type 2250-S and Type 2270-S, the application assesses a variety of building acoustic parameters according to a wide range of national and international standards.


  • Airborne sound insulation
  • Façade sound insulation
  • Impact sound insulation

The application guides users through all necessary reverberation and level measurements in source and receiver rooms. Sound insulation is calculated in situ and results are displayed on the instrument. It also supports analysis and report generation when using Type 7830 Qualifier PC software.

Using the large touch-sensitive display, it’s easy to prepare the sequence and monitor the progress of a measurement.

A ”smiley face” quality indicator shows the integrity of the measurements at a glance and suggests how best to improve them – both overall and in detail.

Copy measurement data between projects and tasks to save considerable on-site time whenever measurement data is common to different tasks. For example, users can reuse receiver room reverberation time for an airborne and an impact test on the same floor section.


  • Measures source and receiving room level spectra, L1 and L2 (equalization of sound source spectra)
  • Measures reverberation time spectra, T2 (impulse and interrupted noise method)
  • Calculates final results on the spot (ISO plus another 12 national standards)
  • Measurement quality indicators
  • Sound recording, voice commentary and integrated camera (Type 2270 only) to document a test environment

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