2-channel option for Type 2270

An option to add an extra measurement channel to your existing Type 2270 sound level meter (included as standard with all new Type 2270 instruments).

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Using two channels enables you to make measurements that are otherwise impossible with a single (one-channel) instrument. The two channels can have inputs from the same type of transducer (e.g., two microphones) or different transducers (e.g., one microphone and one accelerometer).

With two channels you can often halve your measurement time by measuring twice as many positions at the same time without the expense of an additional instrument. You also can perform a simultaneous analysis of noise and vibration to troubleshoot the root cause of noise.


  • Environmental noise measurements with 2 channels
  • Environmental vibration measurements with 2 channels
  • Simultaneous and synchronous measurement of acoustic and vibration signals
  • Building acoustics measurements with 2 channels (with BZ-7228 installed)
  • Signal recording with 2 channels

The 2-Channel option can be used with all application modules with the exception of BZ-7230 FFT Analysis.


  • Independent transducer dependent setup options for each channel
  • Full suite of 2-channel templates (excluding FFT)
  • Simultaneous display of 2-channel broadband results
  • Simultaneous display of 2-channel spectral results for any combination of transducers, even with different units
  • View all 2-channel projects in Measurement Partner Suite post-processing software

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