TYPE 8210

Modal Sledge Hammer, 12 lb. Head, cable included

Designed to excite and measure impact forces on medium to very large structures

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An accelerometer (or laser velocity transducer) is used to measure the response of the structure. By using an FFT analyzer, such as the PULSE™ system, the frequency response function and mode shapes of the test structure can then be derived.


  • Impact-force measurements on medium to very large structures
  • Measurement of frequency response functions using impact excitation techniques
  • As part of a dynamic structural testing system for modal analysis and prediction of structural response
0.225 mV/N
Range full scale
22240 N
Maximum force
35584 N
Head mass
5448 g
Operating temperature range
-73° to 121°C
Overall length
900 mm
Handle material
Case material
Stainless Steel
Connector electrical
Accessories included
Various tips, carrying case