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The Complete Measurement Chain

Brüel & Kjær is known for providing the highest quality products and systems for sound and vibration measurement. A reputation we have built over seven decades. Our products set the standard, others only try to follow, covering the complete measurement chain. 

Supporting the full product life cycle

As we continue to develop products, that go beyond measure, our resources are now focused on supporting the entire life cycle of your products - from design to deploy and in operation. From design and development to manufacturing, deployment, and operation, we help you

  • enhance your product performance
  • reduce your time to market
  • improve your quality assurance
  • ensure legal compliance

Our highly acclaimed transducers, hand-held instruments, data acquisition systems, vibration testing equipment, and data analysis software are available as stand-alone products or complete systems - with accompanying engineering services suited to your needs.

lineBrüel & Kjær is unique in the sound and vibration industry, producing all the elements for the most technologically advanced and complete sound and vibration solutions designed to save time and eliminate errors in the measurement process.

In fact, Brüel & Kjær equipment and knowledge are 
behind thousands of achievements, from high-performance cars and smartphones to quieter airports, satellites and beyond – even helping with the Mars landings.