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This class is for users of our PULSE system. The object is to train the participants in setting up, using, and modifying PULSE projects, as well as reporting of data and other data export/import. Topics will include: project generation, display management, system calibrations, file organization, spreadsheet integration, and report generation for both sound and vibration applications. The class also gives the  opportunity to discuss more advanced PULSE applications.

Day 1:

PULSE Fundamentals:

  • Pulse general overview
  • General hardware overview
  • General software overview
  • Sound and Vibration Theory Review
  • General setup and configuration
  • Controlling PULSE
  • Smart Start and Hardware Setup Table introduction
  • Introduction of the 3 basic PULSE Analyzers Overall Analyzer, the FFT Analyzer and the CPB Analyzer
  • Using the Transducer Database, calibration and making good measurements
  • Fundamental Organizers in PULSE LabShop including the measurement and function organizers
  • Creating and using measurement triggers
  • Multibuffers and Slices for generated 3D displays

Day 2:


Advanced PULSE Features:

  • Exporting and importing data
  • Creating Displays and comparing results
  • Basic Reporting
  • Basic Post processing time data within LabShop
  • Basic Impact measurements 

PULSE applications discussed: this may vary depending on the location and the class participants

PULSE Time Data Recorder Type 7708

  • Used for streaming time data directly to disk

Order Analysis Type 7702

  • For investigating rotating or reciprocating machinery relative to rotational speed

PULSE Time Type 7789

  • Features for scanning and listening to Time Data

PULSE Data manager Type 7767

  • A Microsoft database for archiving and reporting measurement results

PULSE Reflex Type 8702-L

  • The new PULSE Post Processing Solution created for post processing time data in an intuitive manner. 

This feature is available to all LabShop customers using what we call the Like for Like policy between LabShop and Reflex can also be used to review, archive, and report results from PULSE LabShop. 


Who should attend:

This course is designed for technicians and engineers who are responsible for measurement and analysis of sound and vibration signals and are current PULSE LabShop customers.  This intensive hands on training session will help you take maximum advantage of your PULSE investment and provide you the necessary tools for efficient sound and vibration data acquisition and analysis.

Course details
Detroit, MI
Start time
27 Feb 2013 9:00
Registration deadline
No deadline
2 Days
Training course

Scott Hunt