PULSE Reflex Core

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PULSE Reflex is a major evolutionary step in the development of the world's most popular sound and vibration platform. And with the Time Domain Core application, PULSE Reflex extends the measurement and analysis chain to include world-class post-processing. 

PULSE Reflex was introduced in September 2009 and has evolved over the past 6 years to become a very powerful post processing tool as well as a data management and reporting tool for PULSE LabShop.  There have been many time saving enhancements with each release, including batch processing, the data viewer and automated reporting.  As we anticipate the next release of PULSE to bring in more powerful tools, it is a good time to see what is currently available and what is coming. 

While PULSE Reflex Core functions as a stand-alone post processing system for time data, if you are currently a customer with a valid PULSE LabShop maintenance agreement then you are entitled to certain functionality within Reflex using your standard LabShop license.  Come see how you can take advantage of these tools using the license you already own.  If you have ever made a recording or thought about making a recording then PULSE Reflex offers you some new opportunities to review and process your data. 

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08 Aug 2014 9:00
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Jason Kunio
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