Single and Dual Plane Dynamic Balancing

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It is common for rotating machinery to exhibit vibration. But when those vibrations become excessive or dangerous, it often means that an unbalance exists on the shaft. To reduce this vibration, you need to ‘balance’ this uneven rotor mass.  In other words, restore the complete mass distribution to bring back the rotor center of gravity in line with its axis of rotation. 

Brüel & Kjær has developed and enhanced a turn-key solution that can perform this type of balancing 1-2 planes over many different conditions.  The complete task from the rotor geometry definition, position of the vibration sensors and the setup of the Tacho signal to the collection of the trial runs and final correction calculation is covered in this complete solution.  Learn more about Balancing and the Brüel & Kjær solution and how it can be used to reduce vibration levels in your product.
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18 Aug 2014 9:00
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Robert Trépanier