TYPE 8206

Impact hammer, 22.7 mV/N, cable included

Designed to excite and measure impact forces on small to medium structures such as engine blocks, car frames and automotive components

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An accelerometer (or laser velocity transducer) is used to measure the response of the structure.

Contrary to using an electrodynamic exciter, an impact hammer does not apply additional mass loading to the test object and it provides a very portable solution for excitation.


  • Impact-force measurements on small to medium structures
  • Measurement of frequency response functions using impact excitation techniques
  • As part of a dynamic structural testing system for modal analysis and the prediction of structural response
22.5 mV/N
Range full scale
222 N
Maximum force
4448 N
Head mass
100 g
Operating temperature range
-55° to 125°C
Overall length
223 mm
Handle material
Fibreglass with Rubber Grip
Case material
Stainless steel
Connector electrical
Accessories included
Various tips and carrying case