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Read about flight test validation of noise models and a portable flanged impedance tube for acoustic material testing.

In this issue:

Flight Test Validation of Noise Models for High Performance Military Aircraft using Beamforming

This paper gives a survey on a noise measurement flight test campaign for validation of the noise models developed within the framework of an initiative at Airbus Defence and Space GmbH to reduce the noise of high performance military aircraft. Based on a modular approach, models for the different noise sources have been developed mainly based on theoretical approaches inducing the need for according validation using noise data from flight tests.  

Use of a Portable Flanged Impedance Tube for Absorber Design and Measurement 

Acoustic material testing is becoming increasingly relevant to engineers, designers and manufacturers from a broad range of industries. This paper presents comparisons between material absorption measurements made using the traditional approaches of the reverberation room method and the fixed impedance tube using a sample holder, with those obtained using a lightweight portable flanged impedance tube method.

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