Open API protocol enabling you to use LAN-XI hardware in conjunction with third-party programs and applications. This enables you to customize control, and access real time data on your LAN-XI modules.

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LAN-XI Open API interface is a wire protocol based on REST and JSON that allows for to of HTTP commands such as GET, PUT and POST to control settings in the module and stream data between LAN-XI hardware and your applications.


  • Control the measurement process with your own code

  • Live-stream data from LAN-XI into your application

  • Retrieve files stored on the SD card

  • Live-stream data to LAN-XI generator outputs or use waveform generators in the module

  • Use a single LAN-XI module or multiple PTP-synchronized modules together


The LAN-XI Open API is enabled by a BZ-5959-L-N01 license, one per LAN-XI module. It is not LAN-XI firmware-version dependent.


  • LAN-XI DAQ modules can be set up as a single data acquisition front end, using a variety of synchronization methods, including PTP

  • Configure the module(s), including the number of channels to use, bandwidth, filter settings, CCLD, and polarization voltage

  • Stream 24-bit samples in real-time, or record to SD card in BKC or WAV format

  • Manage generator outputs and CAN functionality in modules that support this

  • Perform TEDS detection and read back the results


Open API for LAN-XI is supplied with a user guide containing a description of all commands, get it from 'Links and download'.

Code samples available at GitHub®