Transducer Smart Setup

Transducer Smart Setup is a mobile application that works in combination with data matrix codes (similar to QR codes™) on transducers, to simplify and automate multi-channel test setups. The data matrix code also gives you instant access to specifications and calibration information.

With the Transducer Smart Setup app, you can scan the data matrix code on a transducer using the smartphone’s camera. It will then recognize the transducer and allow you to add associated data, such as its location and orientation (Component ID, Node ID and DOF Direction), minimizing the risk of data entry errors. Data can be imported into PULSE Reflex as hardware setup tables. In addition, PULSE Reflex recognizes which transducer is plugged into which input connector, removing the need to trace cables.

Standard transducers benefit too

For Brüel & Kjær accelerometers and microphones without a data matrix code, and third party transducers, the Transducer Smart Setup app semi-automates inputs such as alignment and location, saving time and reducing the risk of errors in comparison to traditional setup procedures.

Access transducer documentation on your smartphone

Even without the app, the data matrix code on your transducer provides fast and easy access to detailed product information such as calibration data and specifications, when scanned with a matrix code scanner on your smartphone or tablet.

Try scanning the data matrix code on the accelerometer below with your smartphone's matrix code scanner to see how you can get access to transducer documentation.

A data matrix code has been engraved on the transducer, giving you easy access to product documentation, such as:

  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Documentation
  • Local sales information
  • Sensitivity calibration history
  • Calibration chart
  • Transducer Smart Setup app

See how the Transducer Smart Setup app simplifies setting up multi-channel test projects

Get a detailed introduction to the features of the app

Download the Transducer Smart Setup app

The Transducer Smart Setup app is available for iOS devices (iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®) and can be downloaded from the App Store®.

Transducers Smart Setup on the App Store

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