Automotive Sound Quality 4.1 on Windows 10

The Automotive Sound Quality software - version 4.1 (ASQ 4.1) has been successfully tested and found compliant to run on the Windows 10 operating system. The software was tested on a Lenovo P51 Laptop with Windows 10 using the RME FireFace UC interface (USB) – driver version and an NVidia Quadro M1200 video card – driver version 385.90.  
Note1: A noticeable ‘click’ may be heard whenever playback begins when using the RME device. This is also found when using the device on Windows 7.
Note2: It is recommended to run the ASQ software with all energy saving modes turned off on the PC. Specifically we recommend using the “Timers Off (presentation)” mode found in the Power Options of Windows 10. This will help prevent interruptions and potential software malfunctions caused by disk drives and displays being turned off or power throttling of the processor.
Note3: On some Windows 10 PC’s the Brüel & Kjær FLEXlm TRL Licensing installation provided with the ASQ 4.1 media will not complete successfully. The license manager installation has been updated to correct this problem and is available for download.
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