Automotive Sound Quality 4.1

Automotive Sound Quality Version 4.1

Version 4.1 of Automotive Sound Quality includes:

  • Automotive Sound Quality Bundle BZ-6047 version 4.1 consisting of
    • Automotive SQ Core BZ-6048
    • Automotive SQ Real-Time Filtering BZ-6049
    • Automotive SQ Metrics BZ-6050
    • Automotive SQ Designer BZ-6051
  • Automotive SQ Kalman Filtering BZ-6052
  • Jury Evaluation Single Juror BZ-6054 version 2.1
  • Jury Evaluation Multiple Juror BZ-6055
  • Jury Evaluation Single Juror Additional Seats BZ-6056
  • Metric Server BZ-6064 version 4.0

ASQ 4.1 adds support for the Digigram VXPocket 440 and V2 sound cards. The Windows® 7 driver used during validation is included in your ASQ 4.1 DVD. A number of other enhancements or bug fixes have also been included in this version.

NOTE: You may only download and install versions that you have a valid license for. You can check your license status at the

File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download .zip 415767 kb Anglais 01 Oct 2013