Ruido de productos

Product noise

Product sound and noise emission need to be designed with both the user’s subjective experience and objective parameters in mind.

Noise and sound have become critical marketing factors for many products. Indeed, they are often key product differentiators. Too much noise or the wrong sound profile can affect consumer perception and acceptance of a particular brand. Moreover, manufacturers must comply with increasingly stringent noise legislation and labelling requirements, and document the methods used to determine the data. Therefore, when designing product sound and noise emission it is essential to take into account not only objective parameters but also the user’s own subjective perceptions.

Noise targets and sound quality profiles

At the design stage of a product’s development cycle, noise targets and, often, sound quality profiles are set. Failure to meet these targets can be costly and time-consuming. At best, it means prolonged time-to-market or delayed production; at worst, it could mean lack of consumer acceptance or even withdrawal of a product from the market.

Whether you produce washing machines, cars or heavy machinery, Brüel and Kjær can provide you with the necessary tools to quantify noise, to identify and troubleshoot noise sources, and to optimize product sound.

  • Explore our solutions for noise source identification
    Noise Source Identification

    By tracing noise back to very specific components, engineers can target their mitigation efforts more precisely.

  • Explore our solutions for sound power measurement and analysis
    Sound Power

    Sound Power and general noise awareness has never been higher. Product noise levels are increasingly more important to buyers of tools, appliances, machinery and other equipment.

  • Explore our solutions for understanding vehicle pass-by noise
    Vehicle Pass-by Noise

    Vehicle Pass-by Noise characterizes the overall acoustic signature of a vehicle requires measuring it in operation – as it passes stationary microphones.

  • Explore our solutions for development of product sound quality
    Sound quality

    With higher sound quality, overall perceptions of product quality are raised – leading to increased sales and greater brand equity.

  • Explore our solutions for electroacoustc analysis and optimization

    To deliver quality sound, it is essential to analyze the sound produced and captured during R&D. A multitude of parameters are critical to authentic sound reproduction.

  • Explore our solutions for understanding the acoustic properties of materials
    Acoustic material testing

    Acoustic material testing provides insights into their characteristics, to better understand the contribution it will have on the overall acoustic experience of a room, vehicle, etc.