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With the choice of data acquisition unit now independent of the software used, the release of LAN-XI Open API (Application Protocol Interface) gives users more flexibility via a platform-independent interface for programming LAN-XI data acquisition hardware from your own (or third party) software.

System integrators, test houses, universities and engineers from a broad spectrum of industries and applications, including production testing, now have the freedom to use LAN-XI hardware with both Brüel & Kjær and non-Brüel & Kjær software platforms.

Product Manager Mike Turner says, “LAN-XI hardware is well-known for its quality, scalability and accuracy, making it perfect for demanding customers who write their own software, use a third-party software solution, or simply wish to add additional SW applications on top of their BK Connect® or PULSE™ software. LAN-XI Open API now offers these customers the much-needed and long-awaited versatility and openness that they require.”

The API can be used, among other things, to write custom software to:

  • Stream 24-bit samples in real time, or record to SD card in BKC or WAV format
  • Perform TEDS detection and read back the results

LAN-XI Open API is enabled via a single licence, which can be installed on any existing LAN-XI module or purchased bundled with any Brüel & Kjær LAN-XI module. One API licence is required per module.

The API does require programming skills to set up and use.

Find out more about LAN-XI hardware and the new LAN-XI Open API option

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