Sistemas de calibracion

Calibration systems

Brüel & Kjær provides wide-ranging and flexible calibration solutions for entire measurement systems ensuring proper accreditation and traceability, and covering everything from transducers to analysis software.

Our calibration solutions meet the broad variety of needs for calibration in the field of sound and vibration– accurate primary and secondary calibration of measuring equipment and the scope of transducers: accelerometers and microphones.

Turnkey calibration systems include instructions on screen, generation of certificates, uncertainty budgets – we can modify standard systems to suit your specific requirements, and integrate the instruments you have already acquired.

We supply both turnkey systems and customised calibration systems complete with uncertainty calculations and detailed instructions. We also do on-site training in general or specific aspects of calibration.

  • Microphone calibration
    Microphone calibration systems

    Systems for automated primary and secondary calibration of acoustic transducers. Reliable, user-friendly automation provide an efficient calibration for pressure, free field, and diffuse field responses of measurement microphones, hydrophones and preamplifiers.

  • Sound level meter calibration
    Systems for calibration of sound level meters and other instruments

    Accurate, turnkey, automated systems for traceable calibrations and periodic testing of sound level meter, noise dose meters, sound level calibrators, pistonphones, multi-frequency calibrators, octave filters and artificial mastoids.

  • accelerometer calibration
    Vibration transducer calibration systems

    Systems for automated primary and secondary calibration of vibration transducers. High accuracy calibration systems for acceleration, velocity, and displacement transducers to calibrate almost any motion transducer on the market.