Smart phone security vault box

The Smartphone Security Valut: Privacy in Meetings

Protect internal meetings or conversations from unwanted eavesdroppers can be paramount to securing confidential conversations.

Not every meeting is intended for all ears! You can now shield your sensitive and confidential meetings from smartphones that are located in the meeting room and used by external attackers as bug bugs.

In many scenarios it has already been shown how eavesdropping on a smartphone can be done with simple means these days. Whether in discussions about forward-looking developments, detailed contract negotiations, business-critical processes, investments or strategic decisions - we are repeatedly faced with the risk that other institutions will be interested in these topics and access protected information unnoticed.

We can prevent this risk of unauthorized access from outside with the Security Vault Box from Brüel & Kjaer.

It is up to you which ears your information is intended for.

How does The Smartphone Security Vault Box work?

The Smartphone Security Vault Box Type 4233-B-001 from Brüel & Kjaer is a secure storage place for mobile phones during a meeting or in an office without having to switch them off. Your smartphone remains ready to receive important calls or text messages.

Thanks to the sound-insulated housing in connection with an additional masking noise in the box, an attacker from outside will not receive any usable information.

Operation is very simple: Open the box, insert the smartphone, close the lid - nothing more is necessary and the tap-free meeting can begin.

After the meeting, take the devices out again. You can also charge your smartphone in the box.

What's the technology behind the Security Vault box?

The external sound of the conversation in the room is strongly attenuated and an additional special noise signal inside the box leads to a masking (covering) of the speech signals.

Incoming calls and messages to the smartphones in the box are indicated by LED displays on the outside of the box and thus signaled to the participants in the meeting. In addition, an advisory tone can be played for incoming calls.

What the Valult box can do:

Prevents unauthorized eavesdropping by unauthorized external eavesdroppers through smartphone hacking
Improves security against eavesdropping in meeting rooms and offices


Technical characteristics:

  • There is space for up to four smartphones in the box. 
  • USB sockets for charging two smartphones are located inside the box
  • The noises and conversations in the room transmitted into the interior of the housing are shielded by the high level of passive sound insulation. 
  • Remaining speech signal residues that are still transmitted into the interior of the housing are masked.
  • Incoming calls and messages are displayed both visually and acoustically on the outside.
  • Attractive design that fits perfectly into the respective office or meeting room environment. 

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