Test for I-deas Utilities


Single plane and two plane balancing, includes user guide.
Balance .zip 119 kb Inglese

Batch ADF Import

Allows the user to import/attach multiple ADFs at one time.
BatchADFImport .zip 1 kb Inglese

Burst Random Excitation

Sets-up the data acquisition parameters for burst random excitation.
Burst .zip 0 kb Inglese

Accelerometer Calibration

Microsoft® Visual Basic® programme used for accelerometer calibration with I-deas Swept Sine and Closed Loop control.
Calibrate .zip 8 kb Inglese

Controller Gain

Microsoft® Visual Basic® programme to generate dapcl_fc.ini file to change the closed loop controller gain.
ControllerGain .zip 5 kb Inglese

Closed Loop for I-deas Test

Sets-up the data acquisition parameters for swept sine excitation using Closed Loop.
ClosedLoopIdeas .zip 0 kb Inglese

Closed Loop for Standard Measurements

Automated closed loop control setup, includes user guide.
closedLoopStandard .zip 0 kb Inglese

Change Color for CGM

Change colour scheme for CGM creation for 2D and 3D graphs.
ColorForCGM .zip 0 kb Inglese

DAC Shaped RMS

Spectrum shaping using DAC output.
DacShapedRMS .zip 4 kb Inglese

Decaying Sinusoid

Calculates the log decrement of a decaying sinusoid using the envelope.
Decay .zip 1 kb Inglese

Delta Rosette

Calculates principal strains from a delta rosette.
DeltaRosette .zip 1 kb Inglese


Differentiates a time history using filtering.
Differentiate .zip 1 kb Inglese

Envelope Time History

Calculates the envelope of a time history using the Hilbert Transform.
Envelope .zip 2 kb Inglese

Example Toolbars

Example of toolbars for acquisition, modal, time/function operations.
ExampleToolbars .zip 578 kb Inglese

Frequency to Orders

Converts the X-axis from frequency to orders on spectral maps.
Frq2Ord .zip 1 kb Inglese

Hold RPM Range

User selects set and RPM range, then maximum of all spetra in range is computed.
HoldRPMRange .zip 0 kb Inglese

Impact Excitation

Sets-up the data acquisition parameters for impact excitation.
Impact .zip 0 kb Inglese

Integrate Time History

Integrates a time history using filtering.
Integrate .zip 1 kb Inglese

Function Legend

Sets up legends on up to 19 functions (for black and white background).
Legend .zip 3 kb Inglese

Moving RMS

Calculate the moving RMS for time histories based on a user-specified averaging time.
MovingRMS .zip 0 kb Inglese

Multi Source RMS

Set the RMS level of the source, based upon a user-defined feedback channel.
MultiSourceRMS .zip 3 kb Inglese

Random Excitation

Sets-up the data acquisition parameters for random excitation.
Random .zip 0 kb Inglese

Rectangular Rosette

Calculates principal strains from a rectangular rosette.
RectRosette .zip 1 kb Inglese

RPC to Post Transient

Import all the RPCIII files from the current directory and do a transient post-processing on all the files with the same setting as the first one.
RPCtoPostTransient .zip 1 kb Inglese

Scatter Diagram

Create phase scatter diagram.
Scatter .zip 2 kb Inglese

Automate Select Post-Process

Automates post-processing of select time records, re-ordering references if required.
SelectRef .zip 1 kb Inglese

Spectrum Analyzer

Uses 1 form to setup all acquisition parameters, includes user guide.
SpectrumAnalyzer .zip 9 kb Inglese


Switch reference and response coordinates in function ADF.
Switch .zip 1 kb Inglese

Two Functions

Converts 2 functions vs. time into 1st function vs the 2nd function.
TwoFcn .zip 88 kb Inglese

Virtual Tachs

Sets up the virtual tachs for VXI, includes user guide.
VirtualTach .zip 5 kb Inglese

White Background

Sets background to white with appropriate graph colour defaults.
WhiteBackground .zip 1 kb Inglese