Sound and vibration measurement consulting

Whatever sound and vibration challenges you face, we can add value by boosting your capabilities and capacity, improving your processes, and transferring knowledge and technology to your organization.

Our team of sound and vibration measurement experts operates globally. Projects can be conducted at the MSC Application Research Centre (ARC) in Detroit or at the Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK. Alternatively, our engineers can come on-site for short- or extended-period consultations.

Noise & Vibration Measurement Project support, recommendations and technology transfer

Achieving product goals and improving performance is not always easy. Making testing meaningful and turning results into actions can also be challenging. Whether it’s for a short project or for an extended period, we can supply experienced engineers with specialist application knowledge and industry insight. We work to improve and optimize the noise and vibration performance of all products in all industries. By integrating our sound and vibration measurement know-how directly into your product development processes, we help you improve their effectiveness while together we find the answers you need. This includes:

  • Smart testing to identify sources and paths of noise/vibration troubleshooting) 
  • Data-driven guidelines for countermeasures
  • Manpower and facilities for standardized tests
  • Sound and Vibration benchmarking measurements
  • Structural testing and support to correlate CAE models 
  • Sound Quality and Vibration Quality metrics and models
  • Sound and Vibration Measurement method development
  • Vehicle NVH testing and analysis
  • In-lab vehicle NVH reproduction using simulators
  • Sound design for E/PHE vehicle interior and exterior
  • Vehicle program support through launch, including final presentations like vehicle driving evaluations and press events

In all these projects, we are eager to provide a Technology Transfer, with training and on-site resources to ensure that your own competences are strengthened – boosting the value far beyond one project.

Experienced Measurement consultants

Presently, we have more than 35 specialists dedicated to engineering service projects. With their troubleshooting expertise and product development services, we can bring our specialist knowledge and state-of-the art equipment and facilities to bear on your challenges. Our capabilities were boosted with the acquisition of Detroit-based engineering consultancy Sound Answers in 2015, when 13 experts joined Brüel & Kjær with extensive experience from diverse engineering services projects. In 2016, we acquired UK-based consultancy Sound & Vibration Technology Ltd., bringing extensive NVH engineering capabilities into Brüel & Kjær – as well as engineering and simulation facilities located at Millbrook Proving Ground. 

The acquisition of German company Discom in 2016 strengthened our offerings at the end of production lines, bringing experience of supplying vibration test systems for acoustic quality analysis of automotive transmissions.

Our US Team: The MSC Application Research Center

The MSC Application Research Centre (ARC) in Detroit, USA, is our central facility for in-house engineering services. At the ARC, we have test and product development labs, engineering simulation facilities, test chambers and state-of-the-art testing hardware and software. In addition to the latest in test equipment and applications, this solution facility has dedicated expert staff on hand to help gain insights, find effective engineering strategies and train users.Facilities at the Application Research Center (ARC) include a sound transmission loss (STL) suite, an acoustic hemi-anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber, a full anechoic chamber, a 4WD chassis dynamometer, brake dynamometers, NVH simulators and several labs

Our EU Team: Millbrook Proving Grounds

The majority of our European team is based at the Millbrook Proving Ground, in Bedfordshire, UK.  At MPG, we have our state-of-the-art Full Vehicle Simulator, a hemi-anechoic chamber, hundreds of data acquisition channels and access to the test tracks for all types of vehicle testing. In addition, when needed, we can leverage the MPG testing systems and facilities for traditional and electric propulsion and drivetrain, from components and sub-assemblies to full vehicle.

The MPG Track The Full Vehicle Simulator


Flexible project execution for Sound Measurement Services and Vibration Measurement Services

HBK Sound and vibration Engineering Services is unique in that we can deliver a customized mix of expertise, equipment and facilities, making us a cost-effective one-stop shop with flexible project options. We normally use HBK equipment and software, but we have experience with a wide range of non-HBK tools.

Here are some of the many projects we have delivered:


  • ハードウェアのメンテナンスと修理


  • 現地設置作業

    当社の熟練したプロジェクトエンジニアおよび / またはアプリケーション専門家によって行なわれるインストールにより、システムの仕様に準拠した動作が約束されます。

  • Troubleshooting Sound and Vibration Measurement

    Troubleshooting of specific sound and vibration problems and root cause analysis of sound and vibration issues. Identification and implementation of countermeasures to mitigate the problems.

  • Measurement Method Development

    Engineering services for development of procedures and methods, jury evaluation, integration of test and CAE data, test bench development and training.

  • Product Sound Quality

    Engineering services for establishing objective sound and vibration quality metrics and targets that correlate with end-user subjective preferences.

  • Standardized Test Customization

    Development of test procedures, and evaluation and optimization of customer procedures. Testing to customer and industry standards to ensure compliance.

  • Program Support: Vehicle NVH Testing

    Initial subjective and objective benchmarking, vehicle-level and system/component-level target setting, NVH troubleshooting and development to achieve programme targets, and launch support.

  • Engineering Services: Telecom Audio

    Are you getting ready to put your new mobile device, microphone, headphone or speaker into production but require assistance in designing the test stand and fixturing to ensure consistent audio quality?