Sound level meter and vibration meter solutions

A sound level meter is an instrument designed to respond to sound in approximately the same way as the human ear and to give objective, reproducible measurements of sound pressure level. Brüel & Kjær invented the hand-held precision sound level meter (SLM) and continues to deliver solutions based on unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise. Actually, our latest generation of sound level meters can be operated directly via intuitive smartphone apps. Our sound level and vibration meters allow you to reliably and confidently collect sound and vibration measurement data. All Brüel & Kjær SLMs offer class 1 measurement accuracy and comply with relevant national and international standards.

B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter range of solutions

The new B&K 2245 Sound Level Meters are designed to be focused tools for your specific jobs to do. These SLMs are easy-to-use point solutions for tasks that could otherwise be complicated and time-consuming. The ease of use is derived by targeted functionality and an app-based interface controlled remotely via a mobile phone or other smart device. 

Type 2250 and 2270 range of Sound Level Meters and Vibration Meters

These are top-of-the-line sound level and vibration meters built to easily handle whatever challenges you face today, and because they are application-based, you can add accessories and applications to tailor the instruments to whatever challenges you face today – and tomorrow.