Production line testing systems from Brüel & Kjær

Production testing systems

Designed to ensure effective production testing to achieve customer acceptance, brand value, production line yield

Effective testing of components and assemblies during production ensures customer acceptance and maintains product brand value, production line yield and cost-effectiveness by ensuring compliance with R&D expectations, maintaining consistent product quality and mitigating root causes of faults. The type of testing solution you need depends on the production volume, product complexity and the consequences of a failure on your production line. Brüel & Kjær test solutions go beyond just finding the faults, they provide the information needed to prevent the faults from happening. 

  • DISCOM prodction testing analyzer systems
    DISCOM analysis systems

    Using DISCOM Analysis systems for end-of-line component and product testing not only ensures the quality of each component and finished system, it provides the data needed to trace problems back to their root causes and eliminate them.

  • Transducers for production testing systems
    Transducers for production testing systems

    Sensors designed to provide accurate measurements, regardless of the contact surface, and short measurement cycle times to avoid production-line bottle-necks in end-of-line testing