Tone Assessment App

Enable objective in-the-field tone assessment on your sound level meter in accordance with ISO 1996–2 or Italian law.

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When used in conjunction with the FFT Analysis or Frequency Analysis application for sound level meters Type 2250 and Type 2270, or the Frequency Analysis application for the Type 2250 Light, this option provides an objective assessment of tonal noise components.

The analysis is fully automatic, identifying all tones in the measured spectrum. On completion of the measurement, tonal parameters for all the possible tonal candidates in the analysis are calculated, after which a comprehensive list of results is immediately available. The LAeq is measured simultaneously and the tone corrected rating level can be calculated on the spot.

With the headphone output you can also listen to a sine tone generated at the cursor position's frequency and then compare it with the noise you measure – providing an intuitive and fast way to ensure you report data for the correct tone.


  • Objective tone assessment on a sound level meter in the field
  • Measurement quality indicators on tone assessment
  • Tone generator output

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