B&K Type 4448

Noise Dosimeter

Wireless and shoulder-mounted Noise Dosimeter By Brüel & Kjær. Designed to measures all noise and work standard requirements, providing effortless noise assessment - hearing protecting selection - Noise Partner - and easy two-button operation.

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A Noise Dosimeter with simple two-button operation, an informative LCD display and auto-calibration function. Its built-in memory and rechargeable battery provide several working days of measurement. Designed to be wireless and shoulder-mounted, our Noise Dosimeter measures all noise parameters simultaneously.


  • Assessment of work noise exposure
  • Occupational noise evaluation (OHS)
  • Functions as a 'noise watchdog' and reduces risk
  • Recommends hearing protection based on measurements

B&K Type 4448 Noise Dosimeter measures LAeq and LCeq, and is available in a basic and an ATEX-approved version.

Using the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), Single Number Rating (SNR) and/or High, Middle, Low (HML) rating method, the noise dosimeter defines appropriate hearing protection based on the measured data.

The Noise Dosimeter features an LCD display, showing remaining battery, memory capacity, key parameters during measurements, and lets you review recent measurements.

Interchangeable mounting clips provide the best fit to suit the wearer's activity and clothing.


Measurements from Noise Dosimeter Type 4448 can be downloaded into Noise Partner for Work and provide noise exposure calculations, archiving and reporting.



  • 180 hours logging: LAeq, Lav, LZpeak and LZpeak
  • Peak counting (135, 137 and 140 dB level tresholds)
  • Pre-select measurement time up to 12 hours
  • LCD display: Measurement review, battery and memory status
  • Lock function: Keys and display
  • Alarm for hazardous noise exposure
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery (28h operation time)


The Noise Dosimeter Kit is encased in a lightweight, robust case, with space for ten B&K Noise Dosimeters, two chargers, one power supply, a calibrator and additional accessories.