TYPE 8203

Light Impact Hammer For Smaller structures

The Light Impact Hammer is designed for exciting and measuring the force of small and medium-sized structures, such as engine blocks, automobile frames, and parts.

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Light Impact Hammer Type 8203 is a basically a force transducer, used to measure the force applied to the structure. The force transducer is connected to the hammer for impact testing - or to a small exciter via the stinger kit provided.


  • Dynamic and impact-force measurements on small structures
  • Measurement of frequency response functions using both impact and continuous excitation techniques
  • As part of a dynamic structural testing system for modal analysis and the prediction of structural response
3.6 pC/N
Sensitivity - Charge
3.6 pC/N
Range full scale
1250 N
Maximum force
1250 N
Maximum compression
1000 N
Maximum tension
250 N (56 lbf) w. Preload.
Resonance frequency (unloaded)
21 kHz with 5 gram load
Head mass
3.5 g
3.2 g
Operating temperature range
-196° to 150°C
Overall length
9 x 15.8 mm
Handle material
Anodized Aluminium
Case material
Titanium and Steel AISI 303
Connector electrical
Mounting provision
M3 with preloading nuts
Accessories included
Complete set
Optional accessories
Type 2647