Brüel & Kjær celebrates 75 years of business

Brüel & Kjær comemora 75 anos de inovação olhando para o futuro

04 Dec 2017

Desde o primeiro acelerômetro de carga do mundo em 1943 até soluções inovadoras para os satélites do século XXI, Brüel & Kjær tem estado no centro da inovação para a indústria global de ruído e vibração. Com cada novo desenvolvimento, a empresa tem uma influência positiva em milhões de vidas, ajudando o mundo a gerenciar o ruído e a vibração com maior compreensão e inteligência.

The past 75 years have been a period of great change and achievement at Brüel & Kjær. Not only has this resulted in many ‘world’s firsts’ that have proved integral in accelerating product development for businesses worldwide, it has also provided a means to improve the quality of life for all. 

75 years of innovation

Noise is the biggest problem of our time; it affects millions of people, everyday
Per V. Brüel

After being founded in 1942, Brüel & Kjær quickly became known for a series of innovations that revolutionized sound and vibration measurement and analysis. Amongst the most famous were a charge accelerometer that helped to monitor a machine’s health and a level recorder that, for the first time ever, visualized the results it measured, enabling users to record and work with the data. Such instruments – and others – drastically broadened the possibilities in acoustical science and were the enablers that many businesses needed to improve their product development processes.

Over the decades that followed, Brüel & Kjær developed ever-more sophisticated ways to manage sound and vibration issues. As the world’s understanding of technology changed, becoming increasingly more accurate and able to process larger amounts of data, so did the systems and solutions the company could engineer. Today, Brüel & Kjær solutions have evolved into comprehensive, flexible suites of software and hardware that are vital for the development, production and testing of thousands of products integral to our modern way of life. 

Beyond Tomorrow 

The goal for the Beyond Tomorrow project is to help businesses envisage and prepare for a very different world than the one we know today

The celebration of anniversaries is often an occasion to look back at history and reflect on it. However, we have chosen to focus on the future, specifically the future of product development, to highlight and discuss the role of sound and vibration in 2030. How will cloud computing, IoT and Big Data change the way products are developed? Will artificial intelligence (AI) give development engineers new possibilities, or will it take over their job functions? What role will tech giants play in 2030? To this end, Brüel & Kjær has initiated the Beyond Tomorrow project in collaboration with Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

Beyond Tomorrow is a response to a constantly changing world. The project recognizes the importance of identifying and analyzing key trends that will influence the way organizations operate in the future. By developing realistic business scenarios for 2030, the insights of the project will help organizations prepare for and, crucially, influence future product development, as well as better understand the roles that sound and vibration will play. 

This will not only be extremely useful in helping businesses across every industry to form more comprehensive, better-informed product-development strategies, but enable them to manage sound and vibration even more effectively, ensuring better quality of life worldwide.

A catalyst for innovation and partnership

While no one knows what tomorrow will bring, it will certainly belong to businesses with the right skill sets and competencies, the right understanding of market developments, the right set of technologies and the right mindset in an accelerating and complex world.

As Brüel & Kjær looks towards the next 75 years, the Beyond Tomorrow project will kick-start the journey, and drive a fresh wave of innovation, creativity and partnership that is sure to benefit everyone within the global sound and vibration industry, and beyond.

> Read more about the Beyond Tomorrow project and download "Scenarios 2030" at

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