2260 Investigator - Sound Intensity Software

The Extended High Frequency Correction for a probe with ½” microphones and 12 mm spacer has not been working correct in the BZ7205 Sound Intensity software for 2260. Fortunately, the error has now been discovered and corrected. A new installation version 2.1.1. is available for download.

For noise source identification applications, this error has minimal influence. However, for sound power determination, depending on the form of the noise source spectrum, the error could lead to an under estimation of the sound power. As an example, for a broad-band measurement using 1/3-octaves in the frequency range 63 Hz to 6.3 kHz, a sound source with pink noise spectrum will be underestimated by 0.4 dB Linear, and by 0.6  dB A-weighted. For a white noise spectrum the underestimations are 1.1 dB Linear and 1.1 dB A-weighted.

If you have old data sets of pressure or intensity spectra measured with earlier versions of the 2260 program, the Extended High Frequency Correction can be applied using the values in the PDF document “Correction.pdf”.

If you use Noise Explorer 7815, then old data sets will automatically be corrected by Noise Explorer version 4.17.4 or higher.


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correction.pdf .pdf 40 kb Inglês 02 May 2013
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