Hardware de adquisición de datos LAN-XI

LAN-XI data acquisition hardware

Our modular analyzer platform gives you a flexible front end for 1000+ channels and portable systems alike – with an unrivalled dynamic input range.

The LAN-XI family of data acquisition hardware is a versatile range of products designed for flexibility, robustness and ease of use. 


  • Flexible channel configurations
    LAN-XI modules can function individually, and can use battery power to create small, rugged, low channel-count systems. The various input and output modules can be assembled in frames of 5 or 11 modules, which can also contain battery modules for power. Frames can be quickly collected together into highly stable systems with a channel count of 1000+.
  • Distributed systems
    The individual modules in a system can be distributed close to the test object to keep transducer cables short thus avoiding noise and a mass of tangled cables. Connected by LAN cables that also supply power over Ethernet (PoE), the modules make a distributed system that is ideal for large-scale measurements such as flight noise certification tests, ground vibration tests (GVT), automotive pass-by tests, and ship self-noise monitoring (SNMS).
  • Versatility
    Versatility and flexibility are at the heart of this plug-and-play platform for real-time analysis or data recording. You can easily remove modules to split systems up for individual measurements, or combine the modules and systems from different departments when large tests are needed. You can attach many different types of input panels to connect the transducers of your choice. Because LAN-XI solutions are capable of unlimited bandwidth, should you find your needs change, such as requiring a faster data sampling rate or bridge transducers, you can easily add modules or specialized multichannel connections. 
  • Dynamic range
    A key feature is the Dyn-X technology, which eliminates the need for input ranging by using dual A/D converters to ensure you get the data the first time – while achieving an effective dynamic range of over 160 dB.

LAN-XI Light

LAN-XI Light is a stand-alone data acquisition module for measurement scenarios and applications with up to four channels.  LAN-XI Light can be used together with a battery module to create a portable, remote recorder. 

Selected capabilities for LAN-XI and LAN-XI Light

  • Extensive automatic checks to detect cabling errors, such as microphone charge injection calibration (CIC)
  • Automatically incorporates data from transducers equipped with transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) IEEE 1451.4
  • With the Wireless LAN Frame Type 3660-A-20x, you can use a single LAN-XI module to transmit data wirelessly 
  • Around each connector is a circular LED that shows the channel’s use and health at a glance – backed up with an LCD screen. 

Any modules in the LAN-XI range can be used as standalone recorders that capture sound and vibration time data from up to 12 channels (4 channels for LAN-XI Light). The recorder’s bandwidth, channels, signal conditioning, etc., are set up via the module's home page. This means that any PC, or smartphone can be used, which can also control recording and display feedback.

For more information, download the product data sheet for LAN-XI and LAN-XI Light