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Trade-In your old Sound Level Meter for a new!

Don't miss your chance to upgrade your trusted ol' sound level meter with one of our iconic Type 2250 / Type 2270 sound level meters or vibration meters.

Trade in any qualifying* sound level or vibration meter for a new Type 2270, 2250 or 2250 Light. And, if you’re trading in an old B&K sound level meter – we’ll even transfer your existing software licenses to your new instrument, free of charge.




*Qualifying manufacturers: 01 dB, 3M, Casella/CEL, Cesva, Cirrus Research, Larson Davis, Norsonic, NTi, Ono Sokki, Pulsar Instruments, Quest, Rion, Sinus, and Svant

Your new Sound Level Meter awaits

  • Types 2250 and 2270 - Flexible hand-held measuring instruments and analyzers, covering all sound and vibration measurement and analysis needs. From traditional uses, assessing environmental and workplace noise, to industrial quality control and development. 
  • Type 2250 Light - Developed specifically for measuring occupational, environmental and product noise, while complying fully with all the relevant national and international standards. Can be upgraded to Type 2250 or 2270 when needs arise.

The trade-in discount depends on your choice

  • €1250 discount when you trade in for a Type 2270-S or a Type 2270-W
  • €900 discount when you trade in for a Type 2250-S, a Type 2250-W or a Type 2250 Light

Redeem your trade-in offer

Simply fill out the contact form below, or contact your Brüel & Kjær sales representative to receive your new Sound Level Meter.

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