B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter

B&K 2245 sound level meter is a task-tailored, class 1 measurement solution. While the instrument can be used as a stand-alone noise measurement device, this instruments works seamlessly with specially-created mobile apps, PC software, and features an open API interface, bringing an entirely new level of efficiency and control. Accurate noise measurement, analysis and reporting has never been more simple.

B&K 2245 - Noise Partner


B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter is available in 4 versions, each designed with specific features for measuring and controlling exhaust noise, environmental noise or workplace noise, or for supporting a more general measuring need.

The core version, B&K 2245-N, provides flexibility across a wide range of sound and noise measurement tasks.

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B&K 2245 Noise Partner Apps

Tailored for your task

Made Simpler

B&K 2245 is exceptionally easy and comfortable to use with just seven easy to reach buttons and a bright, clear display.

Made Tougher

The robust rubberized body gives a safe and secure grip, and is dust- and water-resistant to IP 55.

Made Easier

B&K 2245 comes tailored for your job-to-do, and works seamlessly with intuitive, task-specific apps for your smartphone and PC.

Made Smarter

An optional smart docking station not only acts as a high-speed charger, it also transfers data to your network for easy analysis and reporting.

Made Faster

The PC software is simple to use: Data is quickly and easily transferred and catalogued, allowing you to focus on analysis and reporting, using preconfigured, user-friendly tools.

Open API for B&K 2245

Open API Interface

The open API interface enables real-time remote control, integration and accessibility for your B&K 2245 sound level meter. The protocol allows you to customize and enhance control of your measurement data, and to integrate the instrument into custom applications and third-party software. 

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