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Measuring instruments - sound, noise and vibration

Brüel & Kjær measuring instruments cover a wide spectrum of Class 1 Sound Level Meters for noise measurement and vibration analysis. In addition, our feature-expanding apps, specialized kits and post-processing software, tailor your instrument to your measurement tasks. From simple noise measurement to analysis of industrial production lines and machinery, our measuring instruments provide powerful, customizable features and unrivaled flexibility.

What is a sound level meter?

Brüel & Kjær measuring instruments, cover a wide range of measurement scenarios, including

  • building acoustics and vibration
  • sound power and noise source identification
  • product development and quality control
  • Industrial applications
  • noise and vibration OHS evaluation
  • local and national environmental noise and vibration compliance

Thanks to Brüel & Kjær’s standard of excellence our sound level meters and vibration analyzers are trusted world-wide, and deliver accurate measurement results - in every scenario.