Introduction to Electroacoustics

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This laboratory seminar teaches basic electroacoustic measurements and how to implement and interpret them. The course will consist of alternating lectures and structured hands-on experiments participants will perform on the Bruel & Kjaer Pulse system.

The focus will be on practical implementation, understanding the principles, and interpretation of the results.


  • Introduction to electroacoustics
  • Electrical calibration
  • Acoustical calibration
  • Basic signals such as sine, noise, speech
  • Spectrum analysis using FFT and constant percentage bandwidth (CPB) filters
  • Frequency response measurements using sine and noise
  • Basic harmonic distortion measurements


This seminar is preparation for the seminar “Electroacoustic Measurements on Personal Communication Devices.

It is optional but highly recommended for anyone relatively new to acoustic and/or electroacoustic measurements. It is also recommended for anyone who is already familiar with basic electroacoustic measurements, and wants a review or an update to current methods of implementation on PULSE.

For a detailed training course on the fundamentals of electroacoustic measurement, and how to apply them to the measurement of telephones, mobile phones, and other devices with telephone functions, see Electroacoustic Measurements on Personal Communication Devices.

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14 Sep 2021 9:00
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09 Sep 2021
1 Day

Lars Birger Nielsen