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Download Microphone Viewer

Our software tool, the Microphone Viewer, provides you with a wealth of information on microphones and associated data, and is available to everyone free of charge.

It includes sample data from more than twenty microphone cartridges and microphone sets and if you do happen to own a Brüel & Kjær microphone, you can import its data to the Microphone Viewer and start building your own microphone database. When you open the Microphone Viewer and choose a microphone, you will initially see the calibration data including the type number, serial number and when it was last calibrated. You will also see the optimized frequency response curve. From there, you can view the following data in graph or table form:

  • Responses: Optimized, Low-frequency, Actuator, Free field or Random incidence
  • Responses at different degrees of incidence
  • With or without protection grid
  • Impact of accessories like nose cones
  • Corrections – free field, random incidence and pressure field

The data in the table can easily be exported into Excel® for post-processing. You can also print the calibration data and your choice of curve.